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Home Re-Piping Houston, TX

Home Re-Piping in Houston, TX

Trust our professionals to ensure your plumbing system runs efficiently. Whether your pipes are outdated, made from hazardous materials, or simply in the wrong place for your needs, the team at Du-West Plumbing can help. Our customers turn to us for home re-piping in Houston, Texas, because we cater to their individual needs.

When you rely on our home re-piping company, you know you are getting top-quality service. We take the time to evaluate your current pipes to see if there is anything we can do to repair them or salvage the parts. However, there are certain types of pipes we can’t save. If your pipes are made out of dangerous materials like lead or polybutylene, we must replace them immediately so they don’t cause harm to your health or your property. We strive to provide solutions that help you stay

If your pipes are somewhat aged but in relatively good condition, you could just need pipe repair or preventative services to protect them from damage. Trust our advanced repair technologies to solve any issues that are creating backups or disruptions. There are signs that indicate you need re-piping or pipe repair. If you notice any of the following, it is best to call on our re-piping plumber to determine how best to fix the problem:

»  Dirty Water

»  Foul-Smelling Water

»  Poor Drainage

»  Low Water Pressure 

Home Re-Piping Company that Puts Your Needs First

Replace old pipes so your home is up to code. One of the most common reasons to update your pipes is because they are too old to function efficiently. Pipes installed before 1960 are more likely to corrode or get cracked more easily. Our plumbers check the age of your pipes as well as their condition to determine what course of action is best for your situation.

Another way we serve you is designing re-piping plans when you renovate your home. If you are planning on building an addition to your house, or renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, taking advantage of our home re-piping services ensures your new home operates smoothly.

Re-Piping Plumber Makes Your Home More Efficient

Prevent leaks and clogs by re-piping your property. Pipework is not always planned the most efficiently, and with so many curves and bends, clogs and cracks are bound to happen. However, having a great pipe layout can prevent these incidents and save your home from possible damage in the future. By creating an efficient layout, not only will your plumbing system work better, but you don’t have to worry about damages and their associated costs.

Home Re-Piping Houston, TX

Contact us today to learn more about our re-piping services. We proudly serve customers in Houston, Clear Lake, La Porte, Bellaire, and West University, Texas.