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Toilet Repair Houston, TX

Toilet Repair in Houston, TX

Prevent costly repairs to your walls and floors by ensuring your toilet functions properly. The professionals at Du-West Plumbing Houston ensure that your toilet is free of cracks, leaks, and clogs so your home doesn’t suffer from unnecessary water damage. We have more than 37 years of experience providing customers with quality toilet repair in Houston, Texas, and we want to use our expertise to help you. You can count on our plumbers to protect your home and improve the overall efficiency of your plumbing system.

In addition to fixing your toilet, we also provide complete toilet replacement services. Whether your toilet is broken beyond repair or you just want something that’s more modern and efficient, our experts work with you to find the toilet that best suits your needs. By getting your toilet completely replaced, you can reduce your water consumption and even increase the value of your home.

Once you decide which toilet you want, you can also rely on our plumbers for professional toilet installation. By taking advantage of our installation experience, you can ensure your new toilet has a proper seal and doesn’t cause water damage or other issues.

Save Money with Toilet Replacement & Repair Services

Conserve water and lower your utility bills by upgrading your toilet. Many people keep the same toilets that came with the home, only changing out or updating parts when needed. However, you can actually realize more cost savings by replacing your decades-old toilet with a more efficient model. Newer toilets work to reduce your water consumption and save you money on your water bill.

Of course, you shouldn’t get a new toilet every time one part breaks. If your toilet runs too often, flushes when it’s not supposed to or doesn’t flush at all, contact our professionals. We will assess the issue and talk to you about your best options. Then you decide if toilet repair or total replacement would be better for your needs.

Proper Toilet Installation Protects Against Future Damage

Use our professional installation services to ensure your toilet is installed properly. Professional installation ensures that the seal around the base of the toilet as well as the lines and pipes don’t leak and cause water damage to your home. In addition, our plumbers make sure all other parts of the toilet function properly so your new toilet runs as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our toilet repair and replacement services. We proudly serve customers in Houston, Clear Lake, La Porte, Bellaire, and West University, Texas.